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About Us

The company “Sangla” is founded in 2006 as a branch establishment of a big high-quality heating and milling peat Estonian producer. We produce not only peat briquettes, but also other wood-reworked products for heating.

Development of our company takes place due to flexible servicing system of our customers and a wide range of offers.Our company is always happy to service our old and new customers.

We are open for the dialogue and will help to solve any existing questions.

About our production

Our ancestors during many centuries used fire wood for heating houses. But to cut a wood and to burn it in the furnace today – great squandering. As modern heating devices allow to use various kinds of the fuel, one of them is the natural biological material - peat.

Peat is formed naturally, by decomposition ded parts of trees, bushes, grasses and mosses, in conditions of the raised humidity and the limited access of oxygen.

  • The basic advantages of peat is a low cost price of manufacture, ecological cleanliness of combustion (a small share of sulfur), full burning (the small rest of ashes) and application of new technologies of burning. All this does peat by a perspective source of manufacture of cheaper thermal energy, than for example, at use of coal both liquid fuel, and the most important ecologically pure.

By estimation of  peat in 3 times above, than at fire wood, wood briquettes. It allows to consume raw material less, and to use in 2 – 3 times longer. Power value of our peat briquettes makes 5674 kcal, in difference from analogues 3600 kcal. At burning it has no smells, and ashes can be used as natural fertilizer for plants. The percent of parameters ash content makes 6.57 %

As fuel peat is applied in the form of briquettes: the briquette has the rectangular form which length makes up to 400 mm.

At етом on a briquette there are notches on all length, the briquette easily breaks, in case of if  the smaller size.

Latvian firm " Sangla " offers buyers the high-quality peat briquettes possessing high thermal, cindery and ecological parameters, made by the Estonian company Sanglaturvas..

All parameters and quality of a product prove to be true the laboratory researches lead by Sweden and the European certificates. Sanglaturvas is the advanced manufacturer of peat briquettes in the European market and successfully cooperates with the enterprises of Scandinavia and the Western Europe.

The Latvian consumers, and it not only separate buyers, but also the private settlements cooperating with  «Sangla»Ltd., have already drawn a conclusion - this goods it has no analogues in Latvia, much more conveniently and more purely.

With development of modern technologies of burning and use of ecologically pure processes of reception of energy, the sphere of use of peat as fuel, is estimated by scientists, as one of the most perspective directions in power of XXI century.