Peat briquettes


Birch wood briquettes


Sawdust pellets



Price (for 1 pack):

10,00 EUR


Caloric capacity: 4341-4800 kcal/kg
Humidity 12.85 %
The ash content of 6.57 %
The sulfur content of 0.02 %
The density of 1101kg / m3
Weight 1 package 9,8-11 kg.
Pallet weight ( ~ 84 packs ) 840-860 kg.

Peat briquettes are made from 100% naturally occurring vegetative fibre, dried and pressed and into dense blocks ready for burning. Premium quality peat briquettes such as Isle of Sangla will burn with a deep radiating heat, and because they are so slow burning, many of our customers use them to keep their fire going through the night.